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Sham Najd International Co Ltd. seeks to provide all types of waterproofing and thermal insulation systems by using many types of insulations materials such as:

Advantages of specialized works

Benefits of specialized insulation works include: 1- Preserve the concrete structures against dissolved salt , poisonous gases and dangerous materials at drinking water and sanitary water and give the structure longer life. 2- Preserve concrete structure against weather conditions, give good appearance for concrete and grounds and extend the operation period of the concrete.

Specialized works Department

Specialized works department executes support and rehabilitation of buildings, insulation of water tanks , sanitary tanks, execution of epoxy waterproofing works with all types, artificial grounds (stamped concrete and playgrounds), specialized painting works of protection of concrete and bridges under the supervision of specialized technicians and engineers who use the bets types of epoxy and cement materials, protection and rehabilitation materials               Advantages of …Read More

Bitumen Membranes

It consists of modified and reinforced bitumen as such rolls are very elastic and strong and it is used for waterproofing ¬†works for roofs, swimming pools, tanks, basements and planters.  

HDPE Lining

It uses high density polyethylene membrane, rough or soft, and these membrane are impermeable with features of resisting chemical materials. It is sued for waterproofing of foundations of buildings, tunnels, surfaces of buildings, artificial lakes and playgrounds.